Lett's story is unusual and unconventional

Lett was founded in 2014 and a lot has happened since then. We are immensely proud of our history, which you can learn about in the video on the side.


It all started with the “Sinapse da Inovação” (Innovation synapse) program.

We were born in Florianópolis, Brazil, with the purpose of helping people to save money on their supermarket purchases.

The business model was reformulated and Lett became a Digital Trade Marketing solution for industries and retailers focused on e-commerce.


We got our first customer: Nestlé, the largest food and beverage brand in the world.

We moved the headquarters from Florianópolis to Belo Horizonte.


We got selected by the SEED-MG acceleration program.

The number of customers has doubled.


Lett was chosen to participate in the Startup Chile program with a focus on internationalization.

We went global: we got clients in Mexico and Chile.

We had a growth of more than 450%.


We opened the new headquarters in Belo Horizonte.

We launched EQI, the first survey that assesses the quality of Brazilian e-commerce.

We opened our office in São Paulo. 

The number of people on the team doubled. 

We had a record number of new clients, reaching a growth of 250% in the year.


We were in 7 Latin American countries. 

Our revenue grew by 40%. 

We came out in the 100 Startups to Watch ranking, which rewards the most innovative startups in the country.


Mudamos totalmente para home office em virtude da Covid-19, preservando a saúde dos nossos colaboradores. 

We launched the exclusive EQI for the Health, Hygiene and Beauty category. 

We got new customers in Latin America and Europe.


We arrived in 12 Latin American countries. 

We were acquired by Neogrid, a milestone in our history.

Our team had more than 100 employees. 

We increased our number of customers by 41%, which are the largest consumer goods industries in Latin America. 

We increased our revenue by 71%. 

We launched EQI América Latina 2021, the only survey that assesses the quality of e- commerce in the largest countries in Latin America


Our mission is to simplify the management of digital channels with technology and insights that maximize the results of our customers maximize the results of our customers.

Mutual collaboration

We encourage integration between people and teams. This way we can teach and, above all, learn more and more.

Promotion of an environment of horizontality

We believe in a respectful and pleasant environment. And, above all, we have the mantra of always challenging ideas, and never people.

Take responsibility as owner

Everyone at Lett needs to get involved, always looking for ways to turn problems into opportunities, with resilience to overcome adversity. 

Don’t settle for average results

We are never happy with average results. Here, we always seek excellence, we are self-critical, and we focus on using feedback to outline actions to evolve as professionals and as people.

Act maturely

Maturity is a fundamental element in our culture. We have integrity and do not tolerate the slightest manipulation or dishonesty. 

Focus on the result

Our decisions are data driven, but, to make them a reality, people must have the discipline to reach the goals that are set.

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